Why I am Running

I am running to be your next Cobb County State Court judge because I believe in public service – serving our community is why I became a lawyer. I enjoy doing that every day in my law practice. I believe in our system working hard to make our community a safer and better place. I am running not just to fill a seat and wear a robe, but to improve our court system as a whole, with innovative ideas and approaches that further the overall vision and mission of the courts.

I believe in an efficient, effective court. When I look at our court system today, I see opportunities to do better and to be better. As a judge, I will strive to make our court better, for everyone.

Justice must be delivered to all parties – victims of crime, defendants, civil plaintiffs, everyone. I try more cases in Cobb State Court than any other candidate in this race and step foot in the State Courthouse every day.

My Judicial Philosophy

Judges should be ever mindful of the taxpayer dollar, working efficiently to adjudicate cases. Judges should be punctual and take the bench on time. Judges should never be complacent.

Judges should hold accountable those who do wrong. Judges should punish repeat offenders but show mercy in allowing first-time offenders an opportunity to learn from their mistakes. Judges should follow the law.

Judges should treat others with kindness, dignity, and respect. Judges should show compassion. Judges should never abuse their power.

A judge’s role is not simply to pass judgment and go home – a judge should help people heal, mentor and guide our youth towards good decision making, and most importantly, work tirelessly to do the right thing, in every case.